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Inside Långan Waters

Lower Långan is a typical wilderness water - about 30 km down to the outlet of the Indalsälven - with varying lakes and calmer lots. The area is rated as valuable by national interest. In the forests around Långan there is one of the world's densest catchment systems. The valley has been inhabited by hunters and fishermen since the Stone Age, as shown by remains in the area. Today, there is almost no settlement along the more than 30 km long river stretch.

The river is relatively shallow and flows over lime-rich areas, making it a very productive watercourse with high biodiversity. The river provides opportunities for varied fishing - The långan has a varying character with different pools and runs. Here are natural opportunities for fly fishing. Långan is a primary tributary to the Indalsälven with the sources of western Jämtlandsfjällen.

The river is long and plenty of spots to fish, this a day river part that holds good size brown trout and grayling, we normally start fishing at 6am in the summer and last season we would start a bit earlier at 4am. Having fished langån for a number of seasons it's a great river. it's long and there are plenty of places to fish. I have landed some of my biggest Grayling during the early stages of the season. During the time of June & July it's great for dry fly, using my home build #3 splitcane with a light weight Hardy or a Scout #5 what else can beat that on a summers day. To get an idea of flies I normlly use a very small black at least #18 this imitations of a small black fly that we get during the summer months. One can also use a superpuppa - black or brown.
The water flow strength is not strong in some stretches you would need a good wading pole for other stretches.
There are at times hatches but when it starts it lasts for about an hour, after a shower or just before sunset.
There is one area where one can pitch a tent and have a rest, which is located down stream from the bridge.
At times there are plenty of anglers trying to catch the big one, you can check out  My Facebook page for updates.
Local accommodation visit Norrland Connect
If you would like more information go to our forum and we could assist you as much as we can.
Interested? Want to fish Långan?

This is a must for a keen fly fisher, permits can be purchased localy

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The Water

The river is a great for gray and trout. The river is slow flowing and fast in places

The Fish

The best time to fish is day time for large Grayling, night fishing is possible.

The Fly

Flies to use in Långan - www.chrisflugor.se to purchase or just visit his site for ideas.