Inside Hårkan Waters

The river flowings out of Sanvkisjön and into Hårkan, this a night river part that holds good size brown trout and grayling, we normally start fishing at 9pm in the summer and last season we would start a bit earlier at 6pm.
The water flow strength is strong, you would need a good wading pole, if you have a float wading jacket good idea to bring one along.
There are at times hatches but when it starts it lasts for about an hour, after a shower or just before sunset.
There is one area where one can pitch a tent and have a rest.
At times there are plenty of anglers trying to catch the big one, you can check out Jämtlandfishing Facebook page for updates.
Local accommodation visit:
If you would like more information go to our forum and we could assist you as much as we can.
Interested? Want to fish Hårkan?

This is a must for a keen fly fisher, permits can be purchased localy

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Around Långan are a number of small cottages to rent. Kallsgråd and there is also Dannevall, just outside of Krokom on the road towards Föllinge at the roundabout there is a number of cottages for rent. If your in tenting there a number of places one can camp for the night.


A number of guides for the river, Albert K (Located in Ås - Only Weekends) You can look further on Norrland Connect