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Inside Grövlan Waters

Suggestions on good fishing spots in river Grövlan:
Upstream and downstream of the bridge at Sävashån. Turn west in Sågliden toward Nybo.

Driving from the south on the road to lake Grövelsjön, turn off from the road just past the bridge, where the road crosses the river before Floåsen. A small road runs along the river. At three places the river runs close to the road. There are some fine stretches at these locations.

At the outflow from lake Grövelsjöns, good evening fishing for char. On calm evenings the char comes close to the shore to feed on caddis, mayflies and other insects

The area from Grövelhån and 2,5 - 3 km downstream is a excellent stretch. Its a bit far from the road but it can be worth the effort to walk up.

Fishing permits can be bought in Idrefjällens Sport.


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This is a must for a keen fly fisher, permits can be purchased locally

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