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"Sorry," became in 2016 one of the three hottest years since measurements of water temperature in Vätterns surface water (about 5 m level) began in the 1950s. Since the former was 2014 and 2015 in a class of its calendar year in which the average temperature exceeded +10 degrees C compared to the reference period (1961-1990) just below 8 degrees C. According to climate projections are increased water a likely continued development why Vättern can be stuck on a new " steps "(red line in the figure below)? The rate of temperature increase is on more than 3 degrees per century. - It is above all the absence of the cold winter months that raises the calendar year average, Vättern is not cooled enough during the mild winters such as 50-60 years ago, says Måns Lindell Vätternvårdsförbundet. Vättern thus reflects the global temperature increase which in 2016 was globally the warmest year ever, continues Måns Lindell. It happens here at home. Increased water temperatures have been shown to be critical for example char's survival, a cold-water which research has shown may be adversely affected if climate change continues at the lake. At the climate impact of Vättern ecosystem are identified as one of the greatest environmental challenges.