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I spent a day with Marko in Bergs Kommun, we decided to try the Börtnans FVOF which is located about 45km from Åsarna. First we had to purchase the permit which can be done at the sport shop in Åsarna close the the gasoline station.

We then set our sights on trout and grayling.

I decided to try for trout using a white streamer with intermediate line on a #6 scott rod using a waterworks reel.

Marko landed a few grayling using a nymph.

I landed two trout of ok size using a white streamer after trying the olive and black.

I landed a good size Trout

You can visit Dröm FiskaiBerg for more information.

Marko has a cottage to rent close to Rätans FVOF 

Nästelströmmen Cottage (note it is in German only)

Marko's cottage is 1h45 from Östersund.